Facial Abuse Starring Rocket Rocket Destroyed On Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse Rocket Video

Rocket the cock socket. Talk about your train wrecks. Rocket is working on her second kid out of wedlock. As of this filming, she was two months pregnant. Her "friend" knocked her up and she has no idea if he's going to kick in money to raise the little bastard. Some friend, right? It's no secret why we get these whack job freak bitches. We laid the humiliation on thick. Anyone thinking of getting pregnant with no game plan should watch this video. It's a life lesson/reality check. Otherwise... you're going to end up on our couch degrading yourself for less than I have to spend on my monthly rent.

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Rocket Fucking A Cock on the Sofa
Rocket Spreads Her Legs Wide And Is Nailed Hard Rocket Gets Her Pussy Slammed Doggystyle

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